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I chose to leave a life behind
You stole my heart
We made love
Made a child
I chose you
And believed you chose me
But you held a secret
Deep in your heart and mind
One would never be enough
One lover
Was not your choice
You wanted more
You couldn't help but be greedy
But that just wasn't in me
I was built for one
I wanted to be your only one
But i left you with the power
In this poker game
You held all the cards
Your decision
Sealed my fate
Broke me apart piece by piece
Soon only emptiness was left
And then you decided to break away
One more knife to dig in
Putting the blame on me
Making me out to be a monster
And all to please
Your needs
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Lies have been told
Secrets kept
We stay apart
A broken heart
It's not paranoia when it's real
You neglected me
You ignored me
We had a daughter
Things were magical
Then the glass ball shattered
Our world left bare
We were not prepared
Too far apart
Too far gone past the start
Mistrust turned to anger
Soon the rage built to implosion
I stayed silent and stopped asking
You called it paranoia
You called me emotional
Never once did you remove the fear
My concerns were answered with silence
Or sometimes with humour
And that made it grow louder
The noise in my head
Telling me this relationship was as good as dead
When your actions spoke volumes
Even your words bite into me
The paranoia went away
Covered with truth
Gut instinct took over
And soon all my trust in you went away
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Your Choices
Meeting you was the best and worst thing
To ever happen to me
You gave me life where i thought impossible
You showed me a different way to love
But i was too jealous
My love too great
You wanted to share me
You wanted to exploit me
The pleasure
Became pain
Health turned to illness
Pleasure was not enough
Love turned to hate
And so i suffered
In the embrace of silence and pain
No one knew
No one dared ask
Your choice is killing me
Breaking my heart
And Shattering my soul
But it's your choice
And I'm not one to hold.
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Get Creative
Life has changed
The rules that once kept us safe
No longer apply
Love is more complex
And comes with new emotions
New names and more than one person
Things are tough
Times have changed
So you need to get creative
Loving you is easy
Staying in love is difficult
But if you want me forever
Forever i will stay
If you only want me till tomorrow
Then i never want to pass this day
Childishness is soon pushed aside
Love becomes not enough
New questions are asked
Unsettling the known
So as times change
You need to think things through
Whats worth more?
Feel you imaginations run
Think of new passions
Places to go
Things to try
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They say silence is golden
That everyone needs a bit
Of peace and quiet
But i hate the silence
When thoughts are all you have
Memories circling your mind
Silence is deafening
Silence is miserable
Silence is maddening
When sentences go left unspoken
Or people are too busy to speak
Waiting for a reply
That you will never get
The silence is deafening
The silence is painful
Unlike anything else
Silence can be a punishment
Like no other
It cuts deep into your mind
It causes emotional pain
I used to love it
Until the silence became pain
Silence when asking a question
Silence when you need to talk
Silence when you need something
Anything to be said
Silence becomes the one main fear
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Mature content
Novocaine Brain :icondal22-creations:DAL22-Creations 0 0
Live Life
Make the best out of the worst
Love passionately
Be as loyal as a lion
Don't lose yourself
Feel how you really feel
Talk about what you need to
Don't hold yourself back
Don't hold yourself in the past
Don't stop being you
Love fully
Live for the moment
Enjoy what you have
Never take more than you can carry
Push only limits you know are safe
Push yourself only as much as you can take.
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Mature content
Standing In :icondal22-creations:DAL22-Creations 0 0
Truth Or Consequences
I forgive you
For all the stupid comments
For all the pain you caused me
I forgive you
Because i love you
Because that's what friends do
Because peace is a lie, there is only passion
I have enough love for us both
But only one heart
Which is damaged
Like shattered glass
You keep crunching it
Yet still it beats
A silent scream
For every new strike you make
Peace is a lie there is only passion
So much passion, so all consuming
But is passion enough
Or will i get lost in the flames?
Love is complicated
Love knows no bounds
Love is honest
Love endures
I will grow from this
I will learn
Never give up
Never surrender
You are mine
As i am yours
So truth or consequences
Move forward or away
No more past
Just an oncoming future
Or the oncoming storm
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Never Fly Alone
A head full of madness
And nowhere safe to go
A house full of sadness
Two broken hearts
Now tears aren't big enough
And love just turns to hate
No one but us to blame
Is it really too late?
To be loved but never in love?
To have someone but not be whole
It's a lonely life and so alone
I just desperately need
To be held, to be loved
And to be me
Loneliness cloaks the emptiness
Sexual hunger is all that's left
Fear of being alone
Keeping together
Doing the right thing
Not sinking
Just keeping afloat
Trying so hard
Too hard
Broken from the past
Held together like broken glass
Pulsing and bleeding
Fighting an invisible war
Trying to not let mistakes effects you
When the fractures are bleeding through
Not wanting to let go
Saying never to fly alone
But pressure builds
Until we are unable to breath
And flying separately
Is all that we can do.
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Done and Dusted
Here we are just 3 years on
And this world is falling apart
All the plans we made together
Up in flames gone forever
Poisoned by the past
It's over
I don't want us to suffer
Can't we talk together
You were once my lover
Made me a mother
It's over
Rumours and whispers tear me apart
I thought i knew you better than that
Now all i feel is the freeze
Of a relationship torn
Our family divided
Friends picking sides
Let them sit back
To watch the drama flood in
I'll stop trying to find blame
But i'm hurting deep inside
All the hurt all the loss
When did we stop believing
Too late now, we are beyond healing
It's over
Oh my lord, what happened to us
Tell me where did we go wrong?
What's the use of all the fighting
All the tears and endless crying
Why don't we stop denying
It's over
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Loving A God
No mortal man should run with gods
You can't keep pace with their walk
Never play on the same field
Always stand in their shadow
Mortals should stay away from gods
But i fell for one
Loving a god is easy
Staying in love and trusting that god?
Is harder in practice than thought
By night is the easiest
Seeing that big heart
And soft soul
Hidden behind the deep eyes
You get lost in the soul
Time is lost but at no cost
Any pain makes the love worthy
Pulled out of the darkness into the light
A love like no other from before
Magical, mysterious and unknown
Belief and hope keeps pushing you on
Forgetting all the materials
And loving the mortal man
Behind the godly mask.
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Timehop by DAL22-Creations Timehop :icondal22-creations:DAL22-Creations 0 3 Just Me by DAL22-Creations Just Me :icondal22-creations:DAL22-Creations 0 1 Rocky Horror by DAL22-Creations Rocky Horror :icondal22-creations:DAL22-Creations 0 1 Feeling Catty by DAL22-Creations Feeling Catty :icondal22-creations:DAL22-Creations 1 0
All my art work, be it photos or poetry you will find it all here


Nameless Colour by dawndelver Nameless Colour :icondawndelver:dawndelver 788 143 Cape Town Sky 3 by MinorphicPhoto Cape Town Sky 3 :iconminorphicphoto:MinorphicPhoto 2 0 The Scorpion Returns by oresama-shiko The Scorpion Returns :iconoresama-shiko:oresama-shiko 225 52 Winter by AndyGarcia666 Winter :iconandygarcia666:AndyGarcia666 135 70 noche magica by AndyGarcia666 noche magica :iconandygarcia666:AndyGarcia666 229 117 The Dark Path by AndyGarcia666 The Dark Path :iconandygarcia666:AndyGarcia666 219 59 Daughter of the Forests by keelerleah Daughter of the Forests :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 4,754 265 Her Job Is Done by KerriAnnCrau Her Job Is Done :iconkerrianncrau:KerriAnnCrau 141 14
Some art i would love to have ^^


DAL22-Creations's Profile Picture
Lucy Jane Smith
Artist | Professional | Literature
United Kingdom
Creative writing has always been my strong point, although most of my time is taken up by my gorgeous daughter i still love to write and work on pictures, i have many poems under my belt as you can see on this site, and more that haven't been put on here yet :lol: I also have about 4-5 stories and a few more on the go, but only one finished. I've been working online with The Sprout for many years now and have been publishing my work there, also as you can see i do love taking pictures :)

My poetry always comes from my emotions and so unfortunately they can be quiet dark and depressing, but when i do have a good one it's always way too happy. The only real problem i have is if i'm feeling numb that means writer's block and no poems :( which kinda sucks but it's not long before i'm writing again folks ;)

I am over the horrible mess that was caused in my life, but i will never truly be free from the pain that was caused, i see a daily reminder whenever i try to see if anyone has posted work for me… DeadAngelLover

Also although the 3 year relationship didn't work out for the best we had our miracle daughter and now i am happy and moved on with an amazing man who is like my own personal Bruce Wayne :p who i love very much <3 Kye <3

In case anyone wants to know the pic above is me :lol: i never wear makeup as i have natural beauty well so I'm told by my close friends :) :relaxed:

Current Age: 27,
Current Residence: Treforest,
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium,
Favorite genre of music: Rock/ Heavy Metal,
Operating System: Windows 8,
Wallpaper of choice: Ravens,
Favorite: cartoon character: Atomic Betty,
Favorite TV Character: John Reese
Personal Quote: "Ita Fert Corde Voluntas"
So...where to begin? 

 Well three years of hell finally down the drain, we had a gorgeous little miracle. Our daughter who i love very much and she shows that at one point there was love in our relationship i cant see it or remember much these days because of severe migraines that i feel are melting my brain haha maybe not really but still memories are missing :s but life moves on we separated last November and after the shit the ex pulled with me for so long i wasn't heart broken i was just pissed off...he wanted to stay "friends" yeah right after tearing my soul apart and destroying my mental state so bad i doubt myself i'm not going back there ever!!

 But i met someone an amazing man who is so down to earth and loving and well pure i'm happy now he's fixed a lot of the damage and has helped me see through the darkness he is my personal Bruce Wayne and i love him very much he makes me feel amazing and special and wanted, in a way my ex never truly did...

So i'm off the other website i was using because of some ass whole who clearly just wanted to mess with my life...they didn't succeed in breaking me though and well i'm back here now i'm slowly going to upload pictures of my gorgeous little girl and even some pictures of me maybe of the new boyfriend to :p if he doesn't mind haha life is good and my heart is soaring so high but I'm not scared because i know Kye will catch me if i start to fall...i'm going back to college in September to do a 2 year course in Nursing and Midwifery and also hoping to learn to drive to, my little girl who turns 3 in September will be starting school because she has the mental age of a 5 year old and i'm spending most of my time out of Cardiff and may even be moving out from there to the dark cloud is there and so i'm moving on from all the pain from the past, even though Cardiff is where i was born and as i like to say "My city" it just has so much poison there and bad memories for me I'm happy to move away.
  • Listening to: Seether - Remedy
  • Reading: False Gods
  • Playing: The Settlers Online
  • Drinking: Tea


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